Meat pies and orange slices

ochocincoChad Ochocinco is playing for DC United. He said it! Officially

Edu gets racially abused and he didn’t even play.
Some moronic 19th century Rangers fans racially abused Maurice Edu in the parking lot after Rangers awful champions league loss. He didn’t even play, as he is still recovering from knee surgery.

Why not 2 strikers Benitez? Rafa Benitez deserves to be feeling some heat. After Gerrard went off injured – how the hell do you play Ngog as a lone striker. He should have brought on Babel or Voronin at that point and gone to a 4-4-2. Liverpool lacks strikers to replace Torres as like for like. Almost every team would! And that’s exactly why you play with two strikers instead of one.

USMNT tid bits.
Goff talked to some USMNT sources revealing: 1. the US is struggling to book another friendly in Europe – we need to make both dates count (my quick check on Fifa revealed a number of teams with no friendlies scheduled) 2. Edgar Castillo will likely get called up.

Will Chang becomes 100 percent owner of DC United. We basically knew this was the case after Victor MacFarlane sold his stake. Thankfully, DC United is no longer tainted by its association with Christian Laettner. Come to think of it, DC hasn’t won a title since Laettner came on. The curse of Laettner? This probably gives Chang a bit more freedom of action.

Crouchy to get the wrath of Harry. Peter Crouch was caught doing his robot shitfaced at a London nightclub along with Jonathan Woodgate. This comes after Harry brought down the puritan hammer following incidents with Ledley King and David Bentley last year. Harry is reportedly livid. After seeing this video, I would not want to be Woodgate or Crouch:


A rundown of stuff on the intertubes

U.S. to play Denmark.
This is a perfect friendly and exactly the type of team we may meet in South Africa.

MLS indoors? I have no idea what Garber is talking about, but WV Hooligan has a smart take on Garber’s talk of playing indoors – he is just trying to get Blatter off his back. Give us the World Cup already!

Beckham will be loaned – but will return.
David Beckham is going to finish his career with LA – he always was. Where else can he play 3 more years? He just wants to make the World Cup first. Next year will be the same situation as this year. But if he doesn’t make the England squad – his chances are pretty iffy – he will definitely return to LA with his tail between his legs.

Mo Edu status. The Herald Scotland runs a piece saying Maurice Edu’s return will be like a new signing for Rangers. Steve Nicol is quoted a whole bunch.

US-Honduras tv rights.
Greg Seltzer – warns that he is going to take a look into how much a WC qualifier nets from ESPN after seeing that Honduras got only 500k. My take is that the USSF needs to start playing hardball with the other federations. If they are going to screw us in who they sell the game to, we should screw them back when we sell the rights. US Soccer missed a huge opportunity to hype the sport on Saturday night – although I will say ESPN did impress me. They ESPN scroll provided constant updates and they broke in to repeatedly show mid-game highlights.

Warm reception for US in Honduras.
Jere Longman of the NY Times notes how gracious the Honduran fans were toward the US. Maybe not for a certain bald reporter.