Transfer Rumors: Michael Bradley Is Not Going To Blackpool

No way, no how does Michael Bradley go to Blackpool. Yes a rumor has floated through the British papers that Blackpool is interested. If I were a Blackpool fan this rumor would make me worried about the intelligence of the management. Michael Bradley is 22, he just stared at the World Cup, while the fact that he is an American will for some reason likely lesson his value – he is still worth around 10 million dollars/euros/pounds. Do Blackpool have the money to spend that on a Premier League newbee? The answer is almost assuredly no.

Furthermore, a move to Blackpool makes no sense. Blackpool are almost assuredly going to be sent down to the Championship. At the very least they are going to be fighting relegation until the final day of the season, and most likely they are going to be playing very negative defensive football. Granted Bradley’s current club are no guarantee to avoid the drop, but they are a club that is in a stronger position in the Bundesliga. While the quality of the Premier League is slightly higher, moving to a team that is likely going to be there for just a year makes no sense.

Bradley should be looking to move up – not sideways – and should be looking for a long term move. He is capable of moving to a top tier Champions league club, since at 22 he has already shown that he can be of that level. And at Borussia Monchengladbach he is settled and at a solid club in a good league that can provide him a platform to get noticed by bigger clubs. It makes no sense to make a move to a club with the intention of making another move.

To me a club that I think would make a lot of sense is Everton – and there are rumors to that effect. Just like Donovan, Bradley could be purchased through the sale of another. Jack Rodwell is a big up and coming English stud and many bigger clubs are after him (ie Manchester United). Rodwell may end up being a super star, but it also seems likely that as an Englishman his value is inflated and Bradley as an American is undervalued. Even if Rodwell lives up to expectations it would be unlikely that Everton could hang on to him. Now it may not be the right time to sell him, but Rodwell’s transfer fee could no doubt cover Bradley’s purchase.


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  1. […] not leaving a club at the mid-bottom of Germany to play for a side that will fight relegation. Disproven at this point too. Granted—they’ve no real history with American players either, so this one is disqualified for […]

  2. Dear Max.
    You claim Blackpool are likely to play “negative defensive football”. All this proves is how little you know our club and manager.

    Blackpool played 4-3-3 last season producing scintilating attacking football, always backing ourselves to out score our opposition.

    I think we will change our formation somewhat for the Premiership but trust me on this. Negative and defensive it won’t be. UTMP!!

  3. Dear Max

    I do have to agree with Bill.

    The “FOOTBALL” Blackpool plays is both attacking and scintilating.

    Maybe if you had watched a few matches last season you would realise that for any club to gain promotion to the Premiership…they have to play quality football.

    Blackpool have many national team players from around the world in their ranks….in fact, our Goal Keeper is an American, who has played for his country at all levels.

    If it’s good enough for French, Algerians, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Americans and now an Isrealie national….it’s good enough for another player looking to assend to the promised land of British football.

  4. Well, since I am an American and a U.S. soccer fan it hurts to hear that our players are seen as less worthy to you Europeans when we give you all opprtunities in so many different ways. Michael Bradley is a great soccer player and being only 22 makes him even better, he still has so much to give.

    I understand why he is playing in europe though, but I wish he could play here at home that way he doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone that he is at the same level or a better player than most europeans his age are. Blackpool would be very fortunate if they could get him!

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