Meat Pies and Orange Slices

MLS to keep Donovan? So says Don Garber he says the league has no intention of selling Donovan who is vital to the league. Calm down folks. This is exactly what you say when you are trying to drive up someones price. We all assume Donovan is going to Europe for a reason – and that is Donovan refused to commit to MLS. Donovan has leverage here.

Why no Donovan rumors? My guess – repeat guess – is that LD and Everton have something worked out and his purchase is to be funded through the sale of one Stephen Pienaar. Now this would be a bit of a financial risk for the Toffees because LD will have no resale value at his age. But he brings the American market – which probably makes up for it.

Premier League Atlanta? An interesting story in the ACJ reports that a Premier League team is looking at getting an MLS franchise and Atlanta is a possibility. While many fellow soccer bloggers seemed to greet this news with hesitance (not another Chivas!), this to me has it wrong. It is not the team that is interested, it is the owner. And guess who is trying to take the US by storm… Manchester City. Considering the amount of money being invested in City, if such deep pockets were to get into the league that would be outstanding news.

Bob Bradley to Stay? Another story that is floating around is that ESPN is reporting that the USSF is “actively seeking” to resign Bob Bradley. But the quote that is in the story from a US Soccer spokesman says: “Bob is under contract with US Soccer until the end of the year and discussions are ongoing.” There is no indication if this reporter got off the record info a source and this statement is merely the public response. It seems like a reporter inferring too much.

Villareal to sell Jozy? According to the USA Today, Villareal said they would listen to offers. My guess is they are looking to see how much he can fetch in sale. But I bet he will be with them at the start of camp and will have a chance to make the squad.


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  1. Please, PLEASE let the Atlanta rumor be true. I need my MLS fix!

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