Is this the breakthrough for soccer in America? Videos of reactions to Donovan winner

Max and I created this blog because we love soccer and we firmly believe that the growth of the sport in America is irreversible. More than most, we know that at times, just being a soccer fan in America is hard – you have to endure constant invectives about how it will never take hold in the US, about how its boring, how there are no goals, how we suck at it, and how its a European game. At times being a fan of American soccer is hard – hello finishing last in the World Cup in 98, or getting smoked by the Czechs in 06 in the opener, or getting laughed out of Copa America with our B team in 2007. And of course, there is the feeling among American soccer devotees that we constantly get screwed when we are so desperate to prove ourselves and earn some respect – that 02 game in the quarters against the Germans with the shocking no call on the line, the mystery penalty against Ghana (payback time) in 06, and the disallowed winner against Slovenia. For a very long time, our best soccer moments were near misses – losing to the 1-0 Germans in the quarters in 02, earning a hard-fought (literally) point against eventual champions Italy in 06, beating Spain and leading Brazil only to ship three in the second half and lose the 09 Confederations Cup.

I know it was only winning one game and topping the group, but it seems all of those moments were avenged yesterday. I know we had that run in 02, but we backed into the second round losing in our last game to Poland 3-1 only to squeak through as South Korea got a late goal against Portugal. And while we did win our Round of 16 game, it was against our old rival Mexico – no mean feat but it didn’t seem as significant because of our familiarity. Now, we’ve overcome adversity, deservedly won the group, and have a legitimate path deep into the tournament. And apparently, all of America was watching. More reactions to Donovan’s goal from around the country after the jump.


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  1. Yesterday was one of those days when those of us who have been around the game for many years, who have supported the game in various fashions and who have more than once over the years said that soccer would take hold only of the popular culture only to see it fall short . . . yesterday was one of those days when we felt justified for all the years of abuse from the disinterested, the ignorant and the dismissive. It was a good day, especially for those of us who went to Germany four years ago and left disappointed. It was a good day and we look forward to another good day Saturday, knowing that we will stick with the game and the team regardless of outcome.

  2. I’ve been waiting 30 years for a golden moment in U.S. Soccer……….this was it………….OMG….remember it forever…….only soccer can stir passion like this and it’s about time U.S. soccer fans had a chance to feel the euphoria……….fantastic!

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