Spurs Top 4 Finish Is Good For Premiership – From Big 4 to Great 8?

Overall, I think the biggest winner with Spurs dethroning one of the big four and fending off Man City’s riches is that the Premier league will be even more interesting next year. After a decade of dominance by the big four this reign of terror or era of harmony – depending on your perspective – may have given way to a new era of actual unpredictability in the Premiership.

With no Premier league clubs making the semifinals of the Champions league, with Man United staying in the title hunt despite seven losses, the top sides are just not as good as they were in the previous years. The financial crisis has clearly taken its toll on Manchester United and Liverpool. Both with highly leveraged American owners are struggling to splash the cash.

Man United despite being in the tile hunt and narrowly missing out on the Champions league semis, have at many times throughout the year looked shadows of their past selves and appear overly dependent on Wayne Rooney. They are in need of a talent injection. Arsenal’s few big purchases maybe due to Arsene Wenger’s frugality, but it may also be a result of a significant stadium debt burden. Chelski are doing fine in the cash department and as a result were able to win the league with a deep and talented squad. Yet with the talent at their disposal, one would have expected Ancioliti to have the league wrapped up a while ago.

Liverpool clearly is the most vulnerable of the big four. If the Hicks’ sale of the team drags on or goes badly, the status of players like Fernando Torres, Javier Maschereno, and even Steven Gerrard may be in doubt. Liverpool could quite conceivably stagnate, regress, or even to some extent collapse in the offseason. Alternatively, they could attract a new owner, bring in a new manager (Jose Morihno) and splash the cash.

What makes this all interesting though is that there are now four teams outside the big 4 that are all very capable of putting in a real challenge for top four.

Spurs clearly have gotten over the hump. But with Champions League football bringing in greater resources and likely some high profile talent Spurs should be able to hold on to their most desired players – Modric, Lennon, Bale – and make another solid run in the league.

Man City have come so close and they will definitely open the purse strings again. One can only think they will be even better and more cohesive side next year.

Aston Villa should continue to be in the mix, although it is a question whether they will be able to make the next step, they are clearly no fluke and their young talent is getting better and better.

Everton have quietly been one of the best teams in the league this calendar year and under David Moises they have built a deep and dangerous squad. They are probably a striker away from making a real challenge, but should they get off to a strong start next season they should do damage.

This offseason should be one of the more interesting ones in a long time. Who will City buy? Will United, Arsenal, and Liverpool buy? Will Spurs attract an elite player? Will Villa and Everton improve? Will Chelsea off load some aging talent? It should be interesting, and hopefully unpredictable.


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