Who is Daniel Williams? Does US Soccer Know?

Who is Daniel Williams and why is he starting in the Bundesliga? That was the question that occurred to me as I watched the end of Freiburg-Stuttgart on Gol TV. I noticed Williams’ as he came off in the 87th minute. It was his first Bundesliga start and came off to good applause.

My first thought was that he was English, but there are few if any English players in the Bundesliga. So I went to the google and found surprisingly little. But what I did find is that he has dual German-American citizenship. He is just 20 years old and spent much of last year playing for Freiburg lower division side. He is a midfielder and apparently impressed enough to get called up to the first team and was given a start.

In an interview with a German site he was asked which country he would play for (this has been translated through google):

Transfermarkt.de: You are German-born American citizen. If you had a choice: Which country would you play and why?

Daniel Williams: So far, there is a question. But I feel very connected to Germany. I was born and raised.

Okay so that is fairly non-committal and we are pretty deep in the defensive midfield position, but he is definitely someone worth monitoring going forward.


3 Responses

  1. Interesting finding. Someone else on another blog mentioned this player. Unfortunately, we know who runs the US Soccer Federation and who coaches the National Team. You know what I mean.

  2. Consider how deep the german pool is; he might never got a chance to play for the german national team. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to see which way he goes.

  3. he is signing for glasgow rangers

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