Bolton Likely To Sign Holden

The Sun has a truly awesome headline: Bolton Could Be Holden On To Stu.

BOLTON boss Owen Coyle is considering whether to offer Stuart Holden a contract at the Reebok Stadium. Coyle said: “Stuart has come in and trained well with us. It is something we will look at in the next few days… “We have a good group of players but we are looking to improve the squad we have. That’s an ongoing process. “He’s obviously got talent, good technique and quick feet. We just have to make that judgment about whether he is better than what we have already got.”

It looks pretty clear that Holden will end up at Bolton as new manager Owen Coyle seems particularly keen after still bringing Holden in after his move from Burnley. However, one thing I do not get is why Holden is on trial. What agent told Holden that was a good idea?

I mean let’s say Owen Coyle passes on Holden after seeing him up close and personal. That would put a major dent into the interest from other suitors and perhaps his overall value. A number of clubs will be telling themselves, if Coyle didn’t want to sign him on a free transfer than he must not be good enough for this league.

Why put him on trial? Most players that are in demand would never do that. The only explanation I can think of is that Holden really really wants to play for Coyle, which is a smart move. But if he doesn’t land at Bolton, he could have some trouble finding another suitor.


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  1. […] asked earlier why would Holden go on trial before simply signing – since a failed trial would lower his overall value. I think two […]

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