Still Waiting On Some Crucial Transfer News

As the first week of January comes to a close, we are still awaiting news on two of the more important US transfer targets: Stuart Holden and Ricardo Clark.
While Donovan has gotten most of the attention, the moves of Holden and Clark are more critical for the US national team. Both of these guys look likely to be apart of the US World Cup squad and it is hugely important for the US that these two land well and get playing time.

It seems pretty clear that both will head to Europe. Both are out of contract with MLS and can therefore sign a free transfer, meaning that European interest ought to be high. Moreover, work permits won’t be a problem – definitely not for Holden (he has a UK passport) and Clark has been a national team regular.

Stuart Holden: He was linked to Blackburn in December, but now it looks like it was another Premier League side Burnley. Holden is apparently going to Burnley for a trial. Yet it is a question if this move is still possible, given Burnley manager Owen Coyle’s departure for Bolton. With Burnley in flux, I think this would be a very risky move for Holden – unless he is interested in playing in the Championship next year. Burnley is currently just two points clear of the drop zone and with the loss of their manager and their frugal ways one has to think they are likely to go down. However, the one major advantage of moving to Burnley is that Holden would be pretty assured to get a lot of playing time between now and the World Cup.

Ricardo Clark: If Jermaine Jones gets healthy and Maurice Edu plays like he did last year, Rico could be on the outs for the World Cup. However, I think odds are that Clark will be on the plane to Jo-berg. I think Clark, while perhaps not as talented as Edu, has a ton of talent and I believe he could be a stand out in Europe’s top leagues. The question is where? There has been very little news regarding Clark, more news about Holden than Clark. There was one report in late December linking him with Burnley and Celtic. But who knows how valid these reports are. Paging Greg Seltzer


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  1. I’m not as high on Rico Clark as some others. I just don’t see the kind of composure and passing ability a team on a higher level is going to want from a defensive-minded midfielder.

    I suppose if they play a diamond, and want a pure terrier who’s going to cover for the obligatory enigmatic #10. I mean, I don’t think the guy’s garbage. But I like my midfielders to pass the ball a bit.

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