Spurs Send a Message, Harry Plants A Flag

Yesterday Spurs sent a message to the league: we are going to be in this champions league hunt to the end. Despite a horrendous performance from Crouch, Spurs totally dominated the game and should have scored more. But this game also served as a coming out party a bit for Redknapp, who in his post game comments specifically called out his north London rivals.

“I’ve said since the start of the season that the champions will come from Chelsea or Manchester United but after that it’s up for grabs…Anything is possible this season. Look at Arsenal, you would have expected them to go up and win at Burnley after beating Liverpool, but they didn’t so that shows you how hard it’s going to be.”

Whether this amounts to the Guardian headline “Harry Redknapp claims Arsenal and Liverpool may drop from elite” is besides the point. The headline should please Spurs and is shot across the bow at Wenger and Arsenal. The Gunners drew with Burnley and according to reports didn’t really dominate the game. Arsenal had one brilliant moment against Liverpool – the Arshavin goal – other than that they were second best. Without Van Persie the Gunners look increasingly toothless and I think it is safe to say that they are more likely going to be closer to fourth than to first when all is said in done. Wenger’s lashing out at the fixture list is just the latest sign of frustration. Harry’s comments should only some pressure to the Gunners, who have some real holes to fill come January.

Yesterday’s game was absolutely critical for Spurs. In the midst of a mini-slump, having dropped points in their last three games, Spurs were facing a top 4 rival at home. A defeat would have pushed them further away from the top four, further soured the mood at the club, and lead to that inevitable feeling that this is the same old weak kneed mid table Spurs. Instead they gave real credence to the feeling that this year feels different. There were some problems to fix – the passing was sloppy, Crouch could not hold up play with his feet, the finishing was atrocious, City almost got a goal late which would have made the final minutes a nail-bitter – but this game should propel Spurs into the January transfer window, not as the same old mid table club that no elite champions league player would want to join, but as a big club that has a real promise of playing in the champions league next year.


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