Good for Donovan, Now What About Holden?

With all the talk of Donovan going to Everton, there has been little in the rumor mill about Stuart Holden? Holden, born in Scotland, has a UK passport and can therefore play anywhere in Europe and is not beholden to the evil UK Home Office and those pesky work permits. So a move to Europe is a certainty. But where?

Holden told the New York Times, “he is considering offers from overseas” but wouldn’t rule out MLS. Where Stuart Holden goes is probably more important to our World Cup team then Donovan. Holden is critical to rounding out our World Cup squad. If he can lock down a place in the starting 11 on the right side, than Bradley can easily more up Donovan or Dempsey to the second striker spot. Holden landing in Europe is critical, but it is also critical that he land well. It is potentially disastourous if Holden were to go to Europe and not play. Allan Ramsey explains the dilemma:

Holden faces the same dilemma that has plagued U.S. players over the last few years. Pick a team that has too much talent, but plays in a good league, and risk riding the pine, or pick a team that you should be an unquestioned starter for and risk moving out of the direct sight lines of Bob Bradley and U.S. Soccer.

There are also a number of players that could move this transfer window with potential US world cup implications. Will Damarcus Beasley come back to MLS, or is a team like Fulham really interested in his services? Is the Ricardo Clark to Serie A a done deal? With Jermaine Jones and Maurice Edu continuing to battle injuries an in-form Clark is critical. What will happen to EJ – could he find a team and fill out the squad?


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