Conspiracy Theory of the Day… Nike and Fifa

So a few weeks ago Association Football got confirmation that the images of the new US jersey floating around the intertubes would in fact be the jersey the US would wear in the World Cup. Interesting though, the uniforms had a throwback element – a sash to commemorate the 1950 victory of England. What a coincidence for Nike that the US ends up drawing England in the first game (not to mention France pulling the South Africa group after mysteriously not being seeded). I am personally not one for conspiracy theories – people, in my experience, are usually just not competent, creative and organized enough to pull them off. But when it comes to Fifa that can sort of be thrown out as transparency and the “integrity of the process” definitely don’t come to mind. I am not saying the draw was rigged to avoid a true group of death, or to make it up to France, or to help build the hype with ESPN or Nike. I am not saying that. I’m just sayin…

1950 World Cup

2010 World Cup


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