Talk about Evil: Kim Jung Il Censors World Cup Coverage

I ran across this article during my day job. The Telegraph is reporting that the Kim Jung Ill’s regime will not broadcast North Korea’s World Cup games and will heavily edit its content before showing them and will only show highlights of wins.

The Supreme Leader has ordered state-run television not to broadcast live games, and to only screen highlights of North Korea’s victories. The ruling means that 99 per cent of the country’s 29 million population will not be able to find out who wins the competition unless the 350-1, outsiders win it.

Games between other nations will be banned from the airwaves, while any highlights of North Korea’s matches will be heavily edited to ensure that they look like the better team.
All advertising in the stadiums will also be blurred out – along with opposition fans, The Sun newspaper reported.

Mike Breen, author of highly-respected book Kim Jong-il: North Korea’s Dear Leader, said: “Like everything else there, the regime will have complete control over the World Cup.

I guess the North Koreans aren’t going to see much at all because they aren’t going to be winning anything.


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