Where has Brian Ching gone?

I mentioned this yesterday, but where has Brian Ching gone? I thought Bradley would for sure have him at least on the bench with the loss of Davies. But nope – no Ching. I have looked around the intertubes using the google but have seen no word about any injury or problem. Did Bradley just essentially drop Brian Ching?

If so, this is not as shocking as it may seem. I have long criticized the inclusion of Ching. I think he has a good work ethic but he just doesn’t offer enough to be on the field for the national team. Let’s just say he wouldn’t be in my World Cup squad. But Bradley has throughout this cycle seemingly had a huge crush on Ching. He has started important game after important game, only seemingly missing out on the confederations cup due to injury. However, throughout this cycle, Bradley has also been keen on including a healthy mix of veterans as he brings on younger players. But as younger players have emerged he has gradually pushed veterans aside.

Pablo Mastroeni for instance was a regular until the disastrous Costa Rica game and he hasn’t been called up since. Ricardo Clark has taken over the role, but Pablo hasn’t even been called up despite there being little cover in the defensive midfield role. Frankie Hejduk was used early on qualifying but was dropped after Spector emerged.

I think it is quite possible Ching could fade into pasture as well. Others have emerged in Altidore, Casey, and Cooper (of course Davies as well). Furthermore Dempsey and Donovan can also play up top. All are better options than Ching. That was maybe not the case the past few years, but it is now. And I think the lack of Ching the last few games may signal the beginning of the end of Brian Ching’s time with the national team.


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