Hull signs Jan Vennegoor Hesserlink – Jozy impact

Hull has officially announced the signing of Jan “greatest name ever” Vennegoor of Hesselink (formerly of Celtic). He was a free agent so he could sign outside the transfer window. Hull currently have 5 strikers. Jozy, Caleb Folan, Craig Fagan, and Daniel Cousin. While this signing will create more competition, Jozy still looks set to figure prominently. Cousin is on the outs after comments attacking Phil Brown, Craig Fagan has some experience but is not that much of a threat, and Folan is a big target man which is not really Jozy’s best role.

We know Jozy is the most talented of the five, but he has to show that he is also the best striker right now. Brown will likely use Jozy off the bench in EPL games in the near future, until he clearly proves he has adjusted to the EPL and is fully fit to go 90. Hopefully Jozy will establish himself as the first choice striker and Brown will decide to pair him with Hesselink or Gillas. Overall, I think this signing improves Hull overall and gives Brown the option to play an aggressive 4-4-2, with Jozy and Hesserlink, Hunt on the left, Gillas on the right, and perhaps Giovanni and Boateng in the middle. Not that bad of a side and one that could indeed avoid relegation.


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