Games to watch for this weekend

Goff has a rundown of all the action on TV. Here are the games I am probably going to check out.


-Arsenal v. Portsmouth (10am on Setanta) or Man U v. Wigan (10am on the deuce)- hopefully one of the two underdogs will make a game of it. I am definitely excited to check out ESPN’s coverage.
-Hull City v. Bolton at 5pm on FSC- Murmurs are that Jozy may debut – seems a bit sudden but come on coach give Jozy a go (they don’t get jet lag at that age!)
-DC United v. LA (7:30, FSC) – Beckham in my hood literally – I’m a short walk to RFK). DC needs to right the ship badly.
Sunday – derby day?
Spurs v. West Ham (8:30 on Setanta)- The morning starts with a bang with a north v. east London derby.
Fulham v. Chelsea (11 am Fox) – Another derby follows – this one between posh teams in Fulham. Come on Dempsey!


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