Donovan to PSG?

Ives links to a French football site that says Donovan is set to join PSG on loan in the winter. My initial take is this seems really speculative. While Donovan no doubt is receiving offers and is clearly open to them I think this will all be in flux until we get closer to the winter transfer window. European teams are also generally less keen on selling players mid season, so the fact that Donovan will be clearly available will only increase the interest in him, as teams experience injuries or seek to fill voids in the winter.

Nevertheless, PSG would make a lot of sense and I think the move would be good for Donovan, PSG, and the USMNT. The French league is not the EPL or La Liga but it still is a very competitive European league and PSG is a big club. Donovan would be pretty much assured of playing and as a result would get high level European football prior to the world cup. A loan deal would also make sense for him and MLS, as a stint at PSG would allow Donovan to prove to teams in La Liga or the EPL that he can play at the European level and would enable a move to bigger league or a bigger club following the world cup.

I would also expect that his wifey would not be too upset relocating to Paris.


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