2 defensive midfielders is a losing proposition

One of the most frustrating aspects of many of the U.S. team performances is the lack of quality distribution from the central midfield. A large part of the problem is the two d-mid formation that Bradley seems so found of.

The pairing of Pablo and Bradley in the center of the field really creates little going forward and against Sweden Bradley’s give away’s created opportunities for Sweden to break, therefore undermining the whole purpose of having a more “defensive” formation.

To me the answer is Feilhaber. He has to be slightly farther forward in the center of the field as a true center-mid. As for a midfield partner, I think Pablo’s time may have passed, but I am not sure the answer is Bradley yet – may be in a few years. I think Ricardo Clark has the most upside. His size and pace make him a defensive monster and has touch and distribution have improved. I thought that the Feilhaber – Clark pairing in Copa America was one of the few bright spots to come out of that tournament.


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