Gooch Rumors continue

It is starting to get ridiculous. In the BBC football gossip column Gooch was now linked with Newcastle. Yet Roeder, the Newcastle manager, stated earlier today that those rumors were flatly untrue.

So what happened with the Gooch to Chelsea rumors. My guess is that they were close and either the Chelsea board or Gooch himself flat out nixed the deal. There has been very little chatter about a possible move in the last few days.

It looks increasingly likely that he was stay in Belgium until the summer transfer window. One of the reasons is that Gooch is “cup-tied” to Standard. Standard was in the champions league and therefore he cannot play for another club in the champions league. So a club like Lyon, which seems like a very interested suitor, simply does not need him this year. They have locked up the French league and their focus is on winning the champions league. If he were transfered to Lyon he would most likely spend a lot of time on the bench, even if he was the best defender on the team, because Lyon would want to ensure that their champions league central defenders are sharp.

Standard Liege may also understand that due to being cup-tied, Gooch’s value today is less than what it will be in the summer. So instead of selling him now, they wait. He can help Standard qualify for Europe and then they can sell him for perhaps more of a profit in the summer. Makes sense to me…


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