Woodgate’s Uncertain Future at Real, Gooch implications?

Espnsoccernet is reporting that Jonathan Woodgate “doesn’t know if Real want him back” after his loan to Middlesborough is completed. There have been rumors for a while that Woodgate would be sold by Real and remain in England.

This may be wild speculation, but Real Madrid has shown interest in Gooch for a while and apparently tried to buy him this summer. If Woodgate is out of the picture then that would seem to make it more plausible that Real is making room for Gooch. Here’s hoping…


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  1. It’s really hard to know . right now US doesn’t have a peaylr even close to Barca’s quality, to be honest not even close to play for any of big European clubs. So in best case some kid that is like 5 years old right now could play for Barca 15 years from now but I really doubt it. Maybe 25-30, why not, were talking about ONE peaylr not about whole NT or league of Barca’s quality peaylrs .. if Iceland, Belarus, Croatia, Sweden, Bosnia, Cameroon, IVC etc etc could produce a peaylr that was playing for Barca I don’t see why USA couldn’t!!!BUt I don’t agree that is only a matter of time before USA succeed in football, look at Holland, Spain or even England for example, they have everything that they need for more than 50 years now, best peaylrs, best team, best coaches, beast leagues . but they can’t win anything not to mention all other European countries that had many great peaylrs, coaches and squads in their history but there was no success because there was always a team that was better than them. I know that USA fans would like to believe that their win against Spain really means something but believe me it didn’t change anything, if Spain was playing US another 50 games Spain would win at least 45 of them. US is still second rate team that will not get trough group stage at WC next year.

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