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max pictureMax Bergmann is an avid Tottenham and DC United fan. When he is not reading soccer blogs, Max is busy working in progressive politics in Washington DC. He has been published by The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times, The Washington Times, The New Republic, The American Prospect, and has written many reports on defense policy and strategy. He writes for Think Progress and has appeared on a variety of TV and radio shows. He has lived in London, Budapest and Berlin and he hails from Gainesville, Florida.

KG picKen Gude longs for the day his beloved Liverpool will win the Premier League. Oh, and he likes the US national team and DC United too. He passes the rest of his time advising progressive politicians and as a national security specialist at a think tank in Washington, DC. He has lived in London and travels in Europe extensively for work, always with an eye out for a Saturday stay-over to catch a local match. He writes frequently on such fascinating topics as torture, indefinite detention, and the state secrets privilege but is still hoping for his first published column on the virtues of the overlapping full back.

The AF logo was designed by Chad Curry.

Contact us at assocfootball@gmail.com


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